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Technical Integrations - Due Diligence


Technical Due Diligence:

·        IT Organizational Structure and Personnel

·        ERP Architecture and Systems State

·        Internal and External User Interfaces

·        IT Governance and PMO

·        Data Retention and Loss Risks

·        Development Process and Delivery Quality

·        Quality Assurance

·        Security and Risk Potential

·        Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Risks

·        IT Audit and Compliance

·        Commercially Provided Products and Services

·        LAN, WAN and Internet Access Architecture

·        Telecommunications and Telephony

·        Systems and Asset Inventories

·        Standard Server and Desktop Applications

·        Data Center(s) and Server room(s) Evaluations

·        Email, FAX and Communication Services

·        Contracts, Licensing and Maintenance

·        Web Site(s)/ interconnectivity

·        Documentation/Plans

·        Data Integrity Analysis